Metal Application Instructions

When possible, metal surfaces must first be cleaned of loose and visible rust. If you can’t remove all the rust, don’t worry. Iron oxide adheres to existing rust quite well, as does linseed oil, so minor residual rust is acceptable.

After the rust has been removed, the metal must be degreased and absolutely dry. Common neutral pH dish soap is usually strong enough as a degreaser. Rinse well with water, and allow the surface to dry completely before painting. We recommend priming and painting on warm, low humidity days.

Interior metal does not need a metal primer coat. Any Heron Paint will protect your interior metal applications. We suggest applying 2-3 coats. Metal surfaces absorb less oil than wood so fewer than three coats may cover evenly. Three coats will add longer life and added protection.

For your exterior project, we recommend two thin coats of our red metal primer as a primary coat. Apply with a stiff brush; remembering to keep the coats thin.

Sanding is not required between coats. Dry times may be longer on metal as it's not as porous as wood. In an ideal drying environment, each coat should be ready for repainting in 24 hrs. Finish over the primer with 2-3 top coats of any Heron Paint color. Two coats may be sufficient, but three will give added protection over the years.