Our Paint

Heron Linseed Oil Paint is a non-toxic, solvent-free, zero-VOC*, eco-friendly coating that can last for decades. It never peels or cracks, and it doesn’t trap moisture; the leading cause of both premature paint failure and wood rot in modern coatings. Linseed oil paint can be used indoors and outdoors on wood, steel, plaster, concrete, stucco, glass, and plastic. The film it produces is weatherproof, flexible, breathable, and easily repairable. 

The binding agent in our paint is renewable and made from all-natural, cold-pressed linseed oil grown in the United States. We remove the non-drying components (proteins) that are natural to flax oil in a multi-stage intensive washing and filtering process. The oil is then cooked for several days, pre-polymerizing and oxidizing before we mill it into the dry pigments. This laborious process creates a far superior oil than simple cold-pressed or lifeless alkali refined oil, creating a great-feeling paint under the brush. 

Our line of simple, classic American hues consists of proven natural pigments that are lightfast and weather exceptionally well.  Our palette is customizable. Tints, shades, and tones can be made by mixing colors to suit.


*A note on VOC.