Data Sheets

We aspire to be a company you can trust, so we're showing our work; hammer marks and all.

A few things to know about Safety Data Sheets. For starters, not everything needs to be listed. By law, manufacturers do not need to disclose all ingredients, even carcinogens if they fall below "cut-off values/concentration limits". For example, none of the ingredients in our added manganese drier are in quantities above 0.1% (cut-off for disclosure), but we list it on our SDS.

Secondly, a key consideration for classification of listed ingredients is the “availability for exposure", presented by particulates when “bound” in a coating mixture or wet paint. Our SDS shows the classification of our materials in their raw state (pigments for example). For the most part, our listings are for respirable dust and particulate hazards. We provide such warnings, to cover for sanding and abrasion, after application. In a wet paint formula these hazards tend not to apply, but we include all of them regardless.

For those who are compromised (chemically sensitive) or those who work with our product a lot, we want you to know what's in the product you're using.

Typically SDS's are not meant for consumers. They're for folks in a work environment who will be around the product much more than a person using the product a few times a week, a month or a year.

If our paint is used for its intended purpose and proper safe handling guidlines are followed, these compounds are not toxic for most individuals.