Speedheater Warranty

The Speedheater™ tool (“Product”) is precision-manufactured and has been carefully inspected using Speedheater’s internal quality assurance system. As a result, Speedheater offers the following product warranty:

For faults due to workmanship and material failure, which can be demonstrated to have arisen during the warranty period, and thus existed when the product was new, Speedheater offers a limited warranty as follows.

The warranty commitment shall cover rectification of faults on the products free of charge. In case of a warranty issue, Speedheater shall be free to choose whether the Product should be repaired or replaced with a flawless Product, free of charge. Products and parts of Products that have been replaced shall remain the property of Speedheater.

The warranty period shall remain in effect for 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty shall not cover:

  • Infrared tubes and other parts that naturally wear down during use or through other means. Any Product defects that can be attributed to failure to heed the instructions provided, unintended use, prohibited ambient conditions, overloading, inadequate maintenance or lack of care.
  • Products that have been subjected to add-on design changes, modifications or similar changes, or have been serviced with parts other than genuine Speedheater parts.
  • Products that have been partly or fully disassembled, regardless of whether this has been for the purpose of troubleshooting or for any other reason.

Minor deviations from the intended Product state which have no significant impact on the usefulness of the tool.

This warranty commitment can only be claimed during the above-mentioned warranty term. Any warranty claim must be supported by the original purchase receipt with proof of the date of purchase, the place of purchase and the product details.

This warranty commitment shall exclude any and all other claims than the right to rectification of faults on the Product as stated in these warranty conditions.