Graphite paint for exterior  protection of metal.
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Graphite Black

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Heron Graphite Black paint is a specialty coating for exterior surfaces such as roofs, gutters and metal equipment stored outside. It's a top-coat for our metal primer. It can also be used without a primer in high heat applications. Graphite provides UV stability, lubricity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, chemical inertness and refractoriness. Two to three topcoats of our Graphite Grey will give years of natural protection to your demanding exterior metal substrates. Remember, Graphite should not be used on surfaces under foot or surfaces which could be rubbed and sat upon. The graphite in the paint is slippery and can mar surfaces and clothing.

Raw/thirsty/weathered wooden surfaces will require a saturating coat of Purified Linseed Oil or an oil-thinned coat of paint. No separate primer is required. The same paint may be used for all coats.

Paint Coverage: 150 - 205 Sq. Ft. Per Quart/ 3-4 mils wet film thickness, depending on surface texture/porosity and type of pigment. (This is more than twice the surface area of conventional paint coverage.)

 Traditional linseed oil paint. Made in the USA. We manufacture a selection of historically accurate American colors and brighter, modern hues. Handcrafted with American-grown linseed oil, purified and boiled in California. Our focus is on providing North America with a plastic-free coating. Solvent-free. Plant—Not Plastic. Paint with a purpose. 

Heron Paint commits 1% of sales to nonprofits that specialize in protecting our natural environment. We're especially happy to support organizations fighting for clean, plastic-free water. 

Note: On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors.

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