Metal Applications

A break up letter to rust

Linseed oil paint is fantastic for protecting metal applications. The oil penetration is similar to wood, finding its way into every vacancy. The pigment in our metal primer is a micaceous iron oxide; hematite. Hematite is one of the world’s oldest pigments.  Widely used in protective coatings for its lamellar, crystalline form, hematite gives linseed oil paint enhanced barrier properties in anti-corrosion applications. Natural red iron oxides are permanent, opaque and have amazing hiding power. It's an excellent pigment for metal corrosion control and can be left alone as the final finish or top coated with a Heron color of your choice.

 Heron Graphite Black paint is used for high heat applications and highly taxed exterior surfaces such as roofs, gutters and metal equipment stored outside. Its main use is as a top coat for our metal primer. It can also be used without a primer as stove blacking as graphite can handle the extreme heat unlike other pigments. Two to three topcoats of our Graphite Black will give years of natural protection to your demanding exterior metal surfaces. Be advised that Graphite Black should not be applied to high-traffic surfaces or projects that will be sat upon or come in contact with clothing. The graphite in the paint can rub off the painted surface.