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Boiled Linseed Oil

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Heron Boiled Linseed Oil is our own purified oil heated for several days with manganese driers added. Boiled linseed oil dries faster and is slightly thicker than our purified linseed oil. It has good adhesion and penetration properties. It can be used as a saturating base coat on dry wood and a rejuvenating coat on surfaces previously painted with Linseed Oil Paint. Our faster drying Boiled Linseed Oil can be used on clean metal to prevent rust, all wooden projects inside and out and mixed with varying amounts of linseed oil paint to create unique stains and washes. It does not contain any UV inhibitors for your exterior projects. Our Boiled Linseed Oil starts out incredibly clean with good drying properties. This allows us to use manganese driers sparingly.

Heron Paint commits 1% of sales to nonprofits who specialize in protecting our natural environment. We're especially happy to support those organizations fighting for clean, plastic free water. 

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