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Kim M.
Test Run

New to linseed oil paint but liked the many upsides to the product. Started with a test run on a mill shed before tackling the larger barn this was mainly intended for. Travis was of great help answering questions. Started with raw wood, applied a coat of purified linseed oil first, then couple days later applied a 50/50 mix of purified linseed oil and linseed oil paint (fiddlehead). Despite challenges with central VA humidity (applied when had a few lower humidity days) working with the paint was easier than expected. A little bit goes a long way as we used thin coats taking time to spread and work the paint/oil into the wood. We did this smaller building all by brush but will try a roller on the next project, taking time to back brush to spread the paint out that will likely go on thicker. The 50/50 mix has a nice look with what appears to be adequate coverage and that at this point don't see a need to go back over with straight paint.

I like it...

Been looking for someone in the United States who made a pure raw linseed oil that was petrol and chemical free and that I could afford. I have been applying this oil on wooden spoons, cutting boards, walking sticks etc... and "so far, so good". As time and finances allow I look forward to trying some of their other products . I would definitely recommend Heron.

great for chairs

switched the paint for my chairmaking business from milk paint to linseed oil paint from Heron. the results are great and with less work.

Kosti Black
Brent W.
Great paint. Better service.

As a sign painter reverting to LSO paint, Travis has been incredibly helpful figuring out technical issues of an old form of the trade. And of all of the LSO paints I use. Heron’s are my favorite.

Titanium White
Sarah G.
where has this paint been all my life?!

The coverage of this paint is incredible! Applying linseed oil paint is a pleasure - only good smells (nothing toxic), cleanup is a breeze, and it's an absolute pleasure to brush on this paint. I could not be any happier. The owner knows his products and helped me (I was applying it initially like it was latex paint - that doesn't work with linseed paint, it turns out). I will definitely be purchasing more paint from Heron. But first I have to run out of what I purchased! This paint covers A LOT of surface area!

Oil for oil painting

It’s good, will buy more 🎨✔️💯

Barn Red
vincent c.
Linseed oil paint

Very good quality, great product!

Barn Red
greg s.
Have yet to use

I have yet to use the paint but getting ready to. I have used the purified linseed oil and very happy with it.

Excellent products

Both the linseed oil and linseed oil paint are excellent. Also, unbeatable service. So happy to have these available on the West Coast—and Travis clearly really knows what he’s doing, and is extremely conscientious. Very, very pleased, and expect to be using Heron for years.

Linseed Soap Concentrate is great!

We have been using the liquid linseed oil soaps to clean brushes. The concentrate is a game changer. It cleans the brushes better and I am working on rejuvenating some of my old brushes that need deep cleaning.

Patrick B.
First time with Heron Linseed Paint - Loved it

I've been using linseed oil paints for exterior projects on the home I'm restoring for years, but this was my first time trying it out on interior plaster walls. Great experience all around! I did 3 thin brush coats in total, with the first coat thinned with some boiled linseed oil.

Great paint and great information

I love the paint and I value the information that I get from the staff. They are prompt with getting back to me and are very knowledgeable.

Canvas Canoe
David D.
Love the finish

So far so good, I’ve been getting good results with 1 or 2 coats. I do find it needs to be put on and worked in with a stiff brush. If applied evenly the sheen is just right with a higher lustre.

Dog Ear
Jeffrey N.

We ordered through Heron paint for the first time for the colors listed above. One of the two was completely out of stock and the other not in the size needed. I contacted Heron and they responded quickly that they would make it for us. A day later we had made our order and the following day the shipment was out.
Beyond the service, it’s nice to have a linseed paint company inside the US. We’ve ordered through international mail many times and we got what we ordered, but it takes time. Heron is on par with the few brands we’ve used from abroad, and we will be back for more. Fast shipment from a domestic company with quality service and a large selection of eco friendly products. What else are you looking for?

Titanium White
Derek S.
Heritage sites in Alberta

Have ordered a couple of times now with excellent results and fast shipping even to Canada .

Kosti Black
Joel H.
Solid product and solid service

Extremely good quality product and service by these guys. Will always work with them with my high-end landscaping business.

Excellent product, will be buying more. Amazing result when mixed in 3rds with tung oil, and polyurethane.